How To Talk To Teens About Substance Use

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What does it mean to have a substance use "problem?"

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"But it's not a problem!"

I've got a great story I've been using for years in my work with young people as a way to begin a conversation about the difference between "social use" and what we might call  "problematic" use of mood-altering substances. I went ahead and wrote it up in an article so that I can share it with you.

FOR PARENTS: This will give you some clarity around some of the common questions you might have:

  • "Is this normal?'
  • "Is this just a phase?"
  • "Am I overreacting?"

When you're clear about this, you can address the issue confidently, without fear of getting derailed by denial and misinformation.

FOR PROFESSIONALS: A great tool to keep in your toolbox for when you need a simple, but effective way to begin a conversation with a young substance user who may be showing some signs  of  denial. 

Jim Savage, LCDC. Recovered addict. Veteran addiction professional. Dedicated  to helping families impacted by substance use.